We are a family-owned company from Wuppertal, Germany. We came to Beijing in 2004, expanded to Shanghai in 2009 and have been growing steadily and adding services and event formats to our portfolio. We pride ourselves to be a magnet for talent and a work environment that brings the best out of our staff.


From our China offices located in Beijing and Shanghai we have a wide reach into the farthest corners of the world thanks to our global network of VOK DAMS offices and partners.


At VOK DAMS, we believe in the communicative power of direct experience. Connecting Brands and People. Engaging the target audience emotionally through active participation. A memorable experience makes for a strong identification with a brand. There is no substitute for personal experience and face-to-face dialogue.

We are result driven professional communicators. A company culture built on four key assets: Creative mindset, Quality excellence, Global reach & Strategic foundation.


Creativity is in our hearts and minds. We are design lovers, fashion and lifestyle addicts, color fanatics and communication entrepreneurs – always searching the world for new inspirations and trends.

From consulting to production, we define the most effective and visually striking ways to make brands and products more visible and more loveable.


From 2D to 3D and onward to digital – we turn innovative ideas into integrated marketing measures, always keeping an eye on brands and audiences.

From creation to implementation, from classic to below- the-line, from strategy to guest management – various units, tools and areas of expertise enable us to cover a comprehensive range of communication formats.

There was never a stronger need for “Kommunikation Direkt” than in present days. And to us, it is the one and only answer to the challenge of assuring emotional communication throughout all channels.


There’s rhyme and reason to everything we do. All our actions are based on strategic facts and insights. We analyze markets, monitor social media activities, study the competition and talk to customers. We know what we know. Our passion for strategic thinking has led us to live marketing innovations like Green events, Hybrid events, Live Campaigns and most recently; Agile Event Management and Marketing Automation.


We are regarded as the agency delivering the best quality in the market. Quality control is at the heart of all we do for our clients.

Global Network

We are one of the leading agencies for events and live marketing globally and have a service portfolio covering all aspects of today’s ever-increasing live marketing requirements.

Driven for success, we have the highest standards for creation, performance and innovation. With a mix of international and local experience, there isn’t much that we can’t achieve.

We offer an extensive portfolio of services, each aimed at creating better results.