Dream in Colour – PORSCHE X PHOTOFAIRS 2023

Dream in Colour – PORSCHE X PHOTOFAIRS 2023

An exhibition of a collection of colourful artworks telling the story of Porsche’s 75-year journey of dreams has gone on show in Shanghai to mark the brand’s jubilee.


Shanghai, China


Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai

A JOURNEY TOWARDS DREAMS. Featuring four sections – Origin, Inspiration, Passion and Vision – the show outlined the canvas upon which Porsche paints its everlasting pursuit of dreams, illustrating the brand’s essence of heritage and innovation, and encouraging all dreamers to chase their own dreams. Porsche collaborated with a number of world-renowned artists, including Chris Labrooy and Yang Yongliang, to tell the story of how they pursue their dreams and to pay tribute to dreamers through their unique artistic perspectives.

A LIMITED EDITION TAYCAN TURBO S. At the center of the immersive brand experience themed around four sections, a limited-edition multi-colour Porsche Taycan Turbo S under the spotlight demonstrated the brand’s long-standing heritage and continuing beliefs. Combined with two giant colorful crayons and a colour palette underneath, it became an art installation itself as the center of the show space.

INTERACTION. Introducing interactive stations in an exhibition space generated engagement with the public not only by breaking the walk-and-look pattern, but also by allowing guests to have fun while exploring the different sections.

COLLECTIVENESS. A 911 bonnet art installation, located by the reception area, represented an opportunity for a collective artwork, where guests could freely colour and paint a hood of a 911 car. Further on, a mosaic wall allowed guests to contribute by composing a wall of dreams with their selected pictures taken onsite or uploaded from their mobiles, as a statement of their dreams.

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