Passione Ferrari 2023

Passione Ferrari 2023

With Ferrari’s latest itinerant test drive, 1500+ guests from all over Mainland China had the chance to experience a full range of Ferrari cars on the track. With a peculiar focus on the brand’s culture and lifestyle, Passione Ferrari was a thrilling opportunity to dive into Ferrari’s essence.


4 cities in Mainland China

  • BEYOND TRADITION. Passione Ferrari wasn’t just a traditional test drive event, focusing merely on the adrenaline on the track; it was also an opportunity to explore Ferrari’s culture, offering moments to learn more about the brand through experience.
  • EMBRACING HERITAGE. By tapping into Italian culture, the event offered participants a deeper connection to the brand’s roots and values.
  • ITALIAN ELEGANCE. The VIP Lounge architecture merged Italian and Ferrari timeless elegance, allowing guests to have a premium fine dining experience immersed in a fully branded environment.
  • FOUR STOPS ACROSS CHINA. Bringing Passione Ferrari closer to local customers facilitated widespread attendance, ensuring that enthusiasts could partake in the experience regardless of their location.
  • NOT JUST ADRENALINE. Focus on merging a high-end look and feel with the excitement of sports car culture.
  • A VARIOUS PROGRAM. A dedicated racing program offered different means to test drive a selected range of Ferrari car models, including the SF90 Family, 296 Family, and Roma Family.

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