Porsche Sports Cup China 2023

Porsche Sports Cup China 2023

A whole new racing season: Porsche Sports Cup China returned with an exciting program studied for drivers of all skill levels. Not only a competition: a series of collateral activations highlighted the event, positioning it as a true branded experience.


3 cities in Mainland China

  • DISPLAY CARS. Through different car displays – with branded containers, by the arch and lineup – we offered guests many photo moments and also the opportunity to better explore some vehicles of the wide Porsche car range;
  • LED PILLAR. A dynamic LED pillar situated in the indoor area became the center of information, keeping guests updated on current and upcoming competition and other secondary notices.
  • DESIGN. It was important to keep in line with previous editions; after being in charge of Porsche Sports Cup China for 4 consecutive years, we had a good understanding of the design language associated to the competition and could provide an accurate and fresh design to both the indoor and outdoor area.
  • PECC AREA. In a double effort to promote and create awareness on Porsche Esports Challenge China and offer a fun entertainment moment during the event, we set up a dedicated area with simulators within reach of visitors.
  • GYMKHANA CHALLENGE. For the first time, amateur racers and public visitors could challenge themselves in a timed competition while drifting and spinning in a course marked by cones.
  • CONCOURS D’ELEGANCE. During the last stop in Shanghai, we provided a competition that enabled guests to choose and vote their favorite car based on unique car liveries, adding more engagement into the event.
  • LEGEND DRIVERS. This year, legendary Le Mans racers conferred trophies on the podium to young drivers, passing the spirit and passion.
  • SUSTAINABILITY. We were able to reuse some elements from the previous edition, in order to minimize waste and expenses while increasing sustainability achievements.

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