Feel the love with Lululemon

Feel the love with Lululemon

In occasion of Chinese Valentine’s Day festival, lululemon offered an exclusive opportunity to 10 pairs of guests to learn more about each other, through dedicated activities and special guests.


Shanghai, China


Dongping Road lululemon Retail Store, Shanghai, China

  • AN INTROSPECTIVE WORKSHOP. Starting from the ground-breaking book ‘Answers For Love’, and having the author itself Dr. Li Songwei host the workshop, was a pivotal component for a successful and appropriate work. The work developed together with the psychologist allowed guests to fully dive into theirselves, promoting true wellbeing for all.
  • LOCATED IN AN EXISTING RETAIL STORE. Choosing an existing store for a wellbeing focused celebration of love, ensured a branded experience increasing product awareness and further elevating the brand’s status.
  • SERENE ATMOSPHERE. The soft lights and color palette, combined with an effective use of materials, created a relaxed and neat look and feel, providing a safe environment perfect for the purpose of the event. The immersive environment allowed guests to take journeys of discovery by reading the quotes on the semi-transparent banners.
  • KOLs AND MEDIA ATTENDANCE. The presence of renowned socialites for such an intimate event was a creative tool to showcase lululemon’s versatility, extending towards a more wellbeing-oriented perspective;
  • INFLUENCE AT 360 DEGRESS OF THE BOOK ‘ANSWERS FOR LOVE’. By using the book as a key design element, we were able to transform the space into an exhibition-inspired area with hanging banners and window stickers quoting key phrases. Moreover, the book was also the starting point for Dr. Li Songwei’s workshop.

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