Genesis GV60 Media Test Drive

Genesis GV60 Media Test Drive

Over 100 media guests from all over the country had the chance to experience up close the new Genesis GV60, right before its official product launch. Harmonizing with Sanya’s tropical nature, the experience offered a journey through sensations involving the 5 senses.


Hainan, Sanya


Capella Tufu Bay

Our focus revolved around two pivotal points: an on-brand original experience and a harmonic design. The pinnacle challenge consisted in incorporating the key message of the event – ‘Feel Immediate Sensation’ – into every facet of the experience.

The first step was to outline a sensorial journey making sure to involve all five senses:

  • SIGHTS: Immerse guests in Sanya’s tropical landscapes with an outdoor product launch and scenic test drives
  • SOUNDS: Elevating the essence of nature, no music or live band was provided— instead, guests enjoyed the sounds of nature during the outdoor welcome dinner
  • TASTE: Guests enjoyed from instant color changing drinks followed by molecular gastronomy using local ingredients
  • SMELL: Complementary arrival kits included Aesop instant refreshing hydrator mist, Avène eco-friendly Sunscreen, and mint-scented mosquito repellent.
  • TOUCH: Branded linen cushions in every room plus eco-friendly gift bag with sustainable coffee mugs and Fushan coffee beans, a local specialty.

Secondly, we couldn’t overlook the surroundings. Taking place in the quiet, private, and tropical venue offered by Capella Tufu Bay, we aimed to deliver a setting that not only respected the natural environment, but also revisited it in a way to offer a site-specific unique display.

  • Intricate pathways lead guests from the lawn towards the GV60.
  • Floating mirrors reflected the sky, trees and GV60 within the natural environment.
  • The set-up effortlessly integrates existing umbrella stands fixed within the venue.
  • At night, the pathways light up, adding to the visual power of the design.
  • A large monolith behind the GV60 features the Genesis logo and Power Lines while visually grounding the space.
  • A second GV60 in front of the beach featuring two large frames composed of reflective materials, offering mirrored views of both the car and its natural surroundings.

The large Genesis logo stands behind the GV60, creating a fresh, new appearance among the beautiful seascapes.

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