lululemon 2023 Ambassador Gathering

lululemon 2023 Ambassador Gathering

A reunion of 200+ lululemon Ambassadors from all over China in the dynamic city of Shenzhen. A series of fitness activities, conferences and other experiences to build a stronger brand identity together.


Shenzhen, China


Hilton Shenkou

The 3-day-long event had two goals in mind: health and wellness. To respect that, we had to take measures to achieve this goal greatly.

  • OUTDOOR EXPERIENCES. Taking advantage of the great south China weather, the event featured a series of outdoor fitness activities to create the perfect ground for Ambassadors to reconnect after a 3-year-long hiatus while doing what they enjoy the most.
  • BRAND COMMUNICATION FOCUS. As lululemon’s philosophy revolves around the concept of wellbeing, we created a fun, active and efficient space where everybody could share their insights and how the brand helped them achieve their goals through the Ambassador program.
  • DISABILITY AWARENESS. Visually impaired speakers took the stage to share their life experience and inspire the crowd on how today they can live a healthy life, not only physically but also mentally.
  • FOCUSED ON EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING. While the event featured conferences and panel discussions, the main agenda requested participants to first-hand partake in physical activities.
  • 100% HEALTH-CENTERED. Throughout the whole project, guests could jot down in a notebook their ‘battery energy’ – both physical and mental – after different activities, creating a moment to reflect on their wellbeing.
  • EVERY CONNECTION CAN SPARK SOMETHING AMAZING. All activities were tailor-made to bring Ambassadors together, creating new connections and strengthening relationships.

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