Maserati Lounge

Maserati Lounge

A distinguished, premium and emotional branded environment immersed with the core DNA of Maserati.

The Maserati Lounge was brought to the public to showcase Maserati as a brand that is strongly linked to everything good in life: the sweetness of the Italian lifestyle, the desire for beauty, the value of perfection and the longing to enjoy a journey rather than just reaching a destination.

The exclusive brand experience lounge toured across four cities in southern China at high-end shopping centres, telling Chinese customers the brand’s legacy of innovation, motorsports and craftsmanship.


Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Changsha, China


543 Sales Leads, 8878 Visitors


High-end shopping centres in Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and Changsha


Featuring modern luxury design and Italian passion, the Maserati Lounge exhibited a heritage display featuring 8 Maserati models spanning more than 100 years of company history. The lounge included a live barista corner, several interactive stations, a merchandize area as well as three car model displays - the Ghibli and Quattroporte limousines and the company's best-seller, the Levante SUV.

VOK DAMS looked at the Italian roots of Maserati for inspiration and adopted the idea of a central “Forum” or “Piazza” for the client.

We bought the brand to an open space, which not only provided an authentic luxury experience, but also gave room for people to meet and socialise in and around the experience

The Ghibli, Quattroporte limousines, and the company’s best-seller the Levante SUV – all three models available in China – provided guests a first-hand experience with their dream automobile.

Combined with an immersive video production, a heritage show, which featured 8 Maserati models spanning more than 100 years of company history, presented the brand’s legacy of innovation, motorsports, craftsmanship and its true spirit.

Showcasing Italian lifestyle, a live brista corner offered authentic Italian coffee to guests, who could also shop at the exclusive Maserati merchandise area.

Interactive games, which engaged fans with immersive visuals and sound, provided creative and fun opportunities for public to get to know the unique auto design and engine sound of a real Maserati.

We paid careful attention to our guest experience, notably the intimacy of the audience with the brand, most visible in the open space concept we used to make the cars very accessible, allowing to not only see but also hear, feel and smell Maserati.
David Zheng

Design Director, Shanghai

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