Porsche Esports Challenge China 2022

Porsche Esports Challenge China 2022

An incredible Esports season was delivered in Shanghai and followed on-line; an edgy and cyber looking environment attracted gamers and non-gamers to witness an experience they’ll never forget.


Shanghai, China


675k views on DouYin and WeChat
6 million engagements online
12k onsite visitors
35k foot traffic
17 key media
70 finalists


TX Huaihai Youth Energy Center

With Porsche offering an inspiring marketing activation knows as PECC, with the aim of targeting the younger generation and strengthen its racing DNA, we had to push forward ourselves to keep the pace with our client; our strategy aimed to capture the passion of gamers by creating an edgy, vibrant and youthful cyber-punk branding across the entire event.

For the outdoor display, not only an edgy platform was built to attract pass by traffic but also motion graphic content was played in the back to create the energetic moving feeling.

Everything that happened with the Grand Finale was shared via live broadcasting to the general public through a 6 meters long LED screen and crafted animated motion graphics to animate the build up with traffic and audiences passing by.

Also, the entire event was available via live streaming on Porsche’s official platforms, on WeChat, DouYin and Weibo.

As a continuation to the PECC that was launched in 2020, the 2022 edition was a new season aiming to the same goal of expanding Porsche’s brand influence to younger audiences in China by granting an accessible entry of E-racing games.

The 6-months long racing session took place in various locations in China despite the sporadic pandemic breakouts and summer heat.

A fantastic closing Grand Finale was lastly delivered in Shanghai and raised the public’s expectations for the next big one.

Building racing dedicated environments with an E-racing cyber feeling was the key to success of our concept. We knew it would strengthen Porsche’s image and its unique philosophy of never stopping pushing forward in an increasingly competitive market.

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